SSMS and Source Safe

Microsoft SQL Server

I *just* added a SSMS Project to Source Safe. It was one of many in the SSMS
Solution. I close the solution then re-open it and get the following error:

The project file C:\<...>\My Documents\SQL Server Management
Studio\Projects\xxx.Db\xxx\xxx.ssmssqlproj is not bound to source control,
but the solution contains source control binding information for it.
Do you want to open the project using source control binding information
from the solution or open it as unbound and fix the solution file?

This seems to happen no matter how I add the project to VSS. I have had
problems with VSS 6 in the past integration with SSMS.

Any suggestions out there?
(I mean, any suggestions *other* than "use something esle besides VSS 6" ! )
Use ApexSQL Edit. :-)
Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin, but look at the bottom of the original post.

ApexSQL Edit falls under the category of "use something esle besides VSS 6",
which is not an option for me. I truely wish it was, but I don't write the
checks here.

VS 2005 seems to integrate well with VSS, but not SSMS.
I did see your entire post. ApexSQL Edit is not a source code control
system. It is an amazing SQL Server IDE that can use VSS 6 for code control
(and several other options as well).

Now, if you can't spend money on any new product then obviously that isn't a
solution for you, but I didn't know that initially - just that you had to
continue to use VSS 6. :-)